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If it Can't be Measured it Can't be Managed

Rapidly rising energy costs combined with stricter EU enviromental regulations mean that all organisations must seek immediate energy reduction solutions.

DDC Energy Solutions can help you reduce cost, consumption and CO2 emissions by implementing energy efficient strategies.

The products and services we provide are proven to deliver savings.

Building and Energy Management Systems: Our systems are able to offer seamless integration with buildings heating, lighting and ventilation plant reducing energy consumption whilst accurately controlling your air quality and comfort conditions. We are also able to offer a complete range of technical services together with a variety of service levels to maintain the energy efficiency of your building.

Energy Efficient Lighting: We can offer enhanced savings with new or retrofit lighting systems. We can save municipal governments, health authorities, educational establishments, sporting venues, warehouses, etc. up to 60% on their lighting energy bills, together with a quick return on investment, while delivering enhanced lighting lasting up to twice as long as the existing installation.

Metering: Our Metering solutions are the first step towards automated Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T). We are able to provide a full installation and commissioning service together with a web based analytical and reporting system to help improve efficiency and cost saving.

Voltage Optimisation: Electrical equipment often consumes more energy than necessary. Voltage power optimisation equipment reduces and stabilises the voltage and had obvious advantages over fixed ratio transformers, by providing additional energy savings through greater voltage reduction and more importantly, phase voltage balance and regulated output voltages.

Renewable Energy: With the introduction of the Government feed in tariff the use of renewable energy has grown enormously. We are able to offer a full design, installation and commissioning service for solar technologies to all organisations together with tailored financial packages to maximise the financial incentives currently on offer.

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