Company History

Direct Digital Controls Limited was established on the 28th of January 2000.

Company History: -

2000: In January 2000, the company was founded under its current registration number as AIR Install Limited. Since then, the organisation has gone through various name changes over the years to reflect how we have diversified within the BMS sector.

2005: During 2005, a name change to Direct Digital Controls Maintenance, to reflect the nature of the organisations activities better in its name.

2007: During 2007, DDC Maintenance became a fully autonomous company, wholly owned by the current Managing Director, Bob Taylor, who maintains leadership of the company to this day. The business also took over the completion of several large projects, and the company continued to grow, engaging in all aspects of BMS work.

2009: During 2009, DDC Maintenance changed name to Direct Digital Controls Limited, once again to better reflect the Company's activities, as the organisation spread its wings and ventured into all aspects of BMS. At this time the company also relocated to larger premises.

Bob Taylor - M.D. (on the right) after a meeting with Midlands Engine Investment.

Direct Digital Controls Limited are currently investing in two apprentices who are learning the BMS and electrical trade.

Along with our current experienced and hard working staff, these young, intelligent, and highly enthusiastic apprentices will help lead us into the future.

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